Courses Offered

Παρακάτω παρουσιάζεται η κατανομή των μαθημάτων και αριθμός ECTS ανά εξάμηνο και έτος σπουδών:



Μαθήματα Third Year

Ε' Εξάμηνο ΣΤ' Εξάμηνο
Code Module ECTS Code Module ECTS
(0 μαθήματα) (0 μαθήματα)
ΕΕΔΠ459 The Immersion of Theory in Empirical Data 5.00 ΣΜΠΠ476 Comparative Immigrant Policy 5.00
ΒΚΠΠ415 Political Violence 5.00 ΘΕΝΠ439 Theories of power in Modernity 5.00
ΠΚΕΠ422 Politics (and) Communication 5.00 ΠΕΠΠ473 Political Elites and political system 5.00
ΟΨΕΠ299 Aspects of the politico-Institutional mondernization 5.00 ΣΤΔΠ451 Strategic Management 5.00
ΙΠΣΠ460 Ideology and Politics in Social Democracy 5.00 ΑΓΠΠ437 English Literature and Politics 5.00
ΟΑΔΠ461 Economic Growth and Democracy 5.00 ΤΣΚΠ481 Class structure in Greek society 5.00
ΣΠΑΠ446 Comparative political analysis 5.00 ΟΙΑΠ484 Economic Analysis 5.00
ΕΘΕΠ458 European Institutions 5.00  
ΔΕΚΠ402 Public Policies in Education & Training 5.00  
ΣΖΕΠ469 Contemporary Issues in Greek Economy and Politics 5.00  
ΕΙΝΠ238 Modern Greek History 5.00  
ΠΣΥΠ454 Political System 5.00  
ΣΠΘΠ474 Comparative Politics: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges 5.00  
ΣΔΠΠ475 Comparative Public Policy 5.00  
ΠΠΡΠ471 Political Personnel 5.00  
ΕΚΒΠ480 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development 5.00  
ΘΕΑΠ472 Representative Institutions 5.00  
ΠΚΕΠ479 Political Culture and National Identity 5.00  
ΚΣΕΠ478 State-Building and Foreign Policy 5.00  
ΜΚΠΠ477 5.00  
ΘΕΔΠ247 Theories of Democracy 5.00  
ΑΔΠΠ442 Public Policy Analysis 5.00  
ΔΕΠ286 History and Ideology in Social Theory 5.00  
ΗΑΕΠ482 The Far Right in Europe 5.00  
ΠΤΠΠ428 5.00  
ΕΠΑΠ563 European Education Policy and Employment 6.00 ΠΛΙΠ 517 Political Discourse and Ideology 6.00
ΠΔΔΠ579 Political data analysis within the POISSON LOGISTIC REGRESSION 6.00 ΚΣΤΠ583 Political data analysis within the Negative Binomial Logistic Regression 6.00
ΕΝΣΠ398 Integration Policies 6.00 ΕΠΠΠ585 Educational Policy and Labour Policies 6.00
ΘΠΚΠ305 Issues in Political Sociology 6.00 ΔΕΠΠ572 International Business Enviroment 6.00
ΠΑΘΠ557 Politics and Athletics 6.00 ΠΘΕΠ367 Issues in Political Theory: Hegel 6.00
ΕΠΘΠ567 European Political Theatre 6.00 ΣΠΟΠ588 Socialdemocracy: Progress or regress for social justice? 6.00
ΠΟΚΠ506 Greece at war: the Economy and Society in the 1940s 6.00 ΗΔΔΠ561 Electronic Governance and Public Administration 6.00
ΑΠΔΠ562 Political data analysis within the MULTINOMIAL LOGISTIC REGRESSION procedure framework 6.00 ΣΕΕΠ570 Academic paper writing 6.00
ΣΠΘΠ587 The Formation of Political Institutions: The Greek Revolution of 1821 6.00 ΒΑΟΠ589 Sustainable Development and the Economy 6.00
ΕΕΠΠ558 European Business Environment 6.00 ΑΝΕΠ596 Anti-authorities 6.00
ΚΔΠΠ569 Political Parties and Internet 6.00  
ΚΚΜΠ586 The State and Social Reform 6.00  
ΚΙΝΠ510 Local State and Development Policy in China 6.00  
ΠΝΤΠ590 Politics and New Technologies 6.00  
ΕΘΠΠ527 Special Issues in Political Theory: Autonomy and Democracy 6.00  
ΚΚΠΠ554 Crisis and Social Policy 6.00  
Σύνολο   30.00   30.00

Μαθήματα Fourth Year

Ζ' Εξάμηνο Η' Εξάμηνο
Code Module ECTS Code Module ECTS
Σύνολο   30.00   30.00


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